Unpack & Kayak

What is 
Unpack & Kayak?

Unpack & Kayak offers unforgettable kayak vacations for friends groups and families. During the day your group can explore the beautiful region of Maas en Waal by kayak, and in the evening you set up camp in one of the many campings in the area. The lack of a set itinerary means that you can kayak at your own pace, and unpack your mind as you paddle past the windmills, beavers, and wild rabbits. 


Is Unpack & Kayak for You?

The trips are suitable for young and old — for sports junkies as well as those wanting to relax. Since we recognize the fact that not everyone has a closet full of camping gear, the trip's price includes tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, pots, pans, burner stoves, dishes, cutlery, etc. (in addition to the kayaks of course). If you have your own camping equipment and prefer to use that, let us know and we will offer you a discount.



After a long day of kayaking, you will undoubtedly feel accomplished, relaxed, and also very hungry. So should you want to end the day on an even higher note, there is an option to have a BBQ —with everything included— hand-delivered to your camping location. For more info about BBQ deliveries, click here.


New to Kayaking?

Little or no kayak experience, but still interested? No need to worry. On the first day of the trip, kayaking instructions will be given and all the important information will be discussed. Since the trip starts in the small town of Maasbommel, that also allows the group to spend the first day in “de Gouden Ham” — a large cove of the Maas river.


I recently booked "the Maas en Waal tour" trip with 5 friends as a short getaway. I can honestly say that we really enjoyed ourselves despite the bad weather on the first day (rain doesn't really bother you when paddling). I can recommend Unpack and Kayak for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and is looking for a great time in, and by the water. All without the hassle of organizing and packing everything from tents to cutlery etc.


Unpacking and kayaking was a wonderful experience! It allowed me to see the Dutch countryside in a way I hadn’t before. The nature is beautiful, it’s peaceful, and it was a trip where I was able to disconnect from the busy world. I greatly appreciated the flexibility we were given throughout the trip: we could choose our pace and how far we kayaked. Without the stress of a fixed schedule, we were able to freely structure our days. This makes it an ideal trip, as you can make it as intense or as relaxing as you want to.
Everything was very well organised, and Hidde gave clear and precise instructions throughout. The fact that camping equipment is provided was a huge help and one of the main reasons I was able to experience this trip in the first place! 
Overall, I highly recommend Unpack & Kayak – it was a unique and fun adventure that I was able to share with friends, so thank you Hidde!


A remarkable and unforgettable camping experience that ensured a closer bonding moment for me and my friends. If you are looking for a fun and innovative way to go camping and explore the Dutch countryside I would recommend you to book a trip and experience it yourself!