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Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered

Can I take my (young) kids?

Of course! That being said, the parent/ legal guardian of the child will be asked to sign a legal waiver on behalf of the child, before the start of the trip. We have life vests available for ages 3 and above.


Should the child be too young to use their own kayak, we recommend that you request a two-person kayak or canoe. This way you can share the kayaking power, and keep an eye on your child.

Children under the age of 12 pay half-price for the "Maas en Waal Tour".

Group size?

Unpack & Kayak currently has a maximum capacity of 18 participants per trip, combined between kayaks and canoes. Should your group size be more than 18 participants, send us an email at and we will look into possibilities to have bigger groups. In this case, additional charges may apply.

You can also use the chat function on the website to request more info!

Covid-19 regulations?

One of the major benefits of booking a trip with Unpack & Kayak is the almost constant social distance of 1.5m. The only time you will come into close contact with one another is during meals or when sleeping in a tent. In the case that you are not family members or don't fall in the same household, let us know and we will look into providing extra tents so you can keep your distance -- if required by the government regulations during your trip.

For more information surrounding Covid-19, we recommend you visit the Covid-19 specific page.

I'm (relatively) new to kayaking/ canoeing. Is it for me?

Kayaking can be as physically strenuous as you want to make it. Whether you prefer to paddle a short distance or go on a long expedition, both options are available. 

At the start of every trip, you will get kayaking instructions. These explain the technique, safety, and equipment usage. If you would like, a crew member can join the first 30 minutes of your trip (free of charge) to make sure you're comfortable in your boat.


It is mandatory that every participant has health insurance. Travel insurances are recommended, but not mandatory.

In case you want the certainty of good weather during the trip, or the ability to cancel your trip after booking it, it might be worth it to look into "bad weather insurance" or "cancellation insurance" in the info section of the trip you're going on.

Contact Unpack & Kayak?

We are more than happy to answer any questions or uncertainties that you may have.

With any questions or concerns, we ask you to contact us via, the chat function on the website, through our Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. 

Typically we respond within 12 hours of receiving your message.

Can I extend my trip to more than 3 days in NL?

Usually, yes!

It depends on the availability of dates and other bookings, but more often than not this should be fine.

For this option, we ask that you contact us via one of our contact channels, and specify your desired dates, booking reference (if you have already booked), name, and group size.


Unpack & Kayak provides one camping (which has showers and toilets) that you can stay at for both nights during your trip. Should you prefer a different camping location than the one we provide, you are free to go there instead, at your own expense.

The camping that we provide is 't Megensche Veerhuis (Noord-Zuid 1, 6629 KG Appeltern).

Camping Gear?

One of the upsides of booking with Unpack & Kayak is that we provide all the camping gear you need!

Should you have your own equipment that you want to use you're more than welcome to do so.

The supplies you can borrow have been used by other people, but they are cleaned and aired after every trip.

Transport to and from the starting location of the trip?

Maasbommel (the start of the NL trips) is easily accessible by car.

Should you not have a car but still be interested in booking a trip with us, send us a message and we will look for a way to get you to, and from the starting location!

Food & drinks on the trip?

You are responsible for taking your own food and drinks with you when you start the trip. Burner stoves (with gas cans), pots, pans, dishes, and cutlery will be provided for use.

If you want to end the day on a high note, you can decide to have a BBQ delivered to your camping location (for more info see "Menu").


Since the equipment that you borrow is rather costly, we ask a *group deposit of €100.- per person. This deposit will be returned well within 10 days of the end of the trip. 

A group deposit means that if one of the group members on your trip loses or breaks something worth more than €100.-, other deposits may be used to compensate for that amount.

Life vests & lifebuoys?

Unpack & Kayak always provides life vests for every participating group member. 

The buoyancy of the current vests ranges from 5 to 100kg. Should your weight fall outside this range, please send us a message and we'll make sure to provide you with a suitable one.

An additional lifebuoy can be borrowed if desired.

Safety & Emergencies

Aside from the life vests and a possible lifebuoy, it is expected that every group can be contacted in case of emergency.

Should you want to leave your smart phones at home, you can borrow an 'old school brick' phone with credit. This phone can be used to contact the base camp in case of emergency. 

Legal waiver & terms and conditions?

All participants will be requested to sign a legal waiver before starting their trip. This is mandatory.

Participants under the age of 16 will be asked to have a parent/ legal guardian sign on their behalf.

For general terms and conditions, click here.

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