Kayak Water Bottle With Carabiner Hook (770ML)

Kayak Water Bottle With Carabiner Hook (770ML)


Make sure you stay hydrated on your trip with this large aluminium sports bottle! The included carabiner hook allows it to easily be clipped onto one of the kayak's bunjee-chords ensuring that you won't lose it along the way.


    This deep blue, 770ml water bottle allows you to stay hydrated on your kayak trip. The carabiner hook allows you to clip it onto bunjee-chords, ensuring that you don't lose it!


    Pro tip: If you're cold in the evenings, fill it with some hot water, put a sock around it, and lay it in your sleeping bag 5 minutes before going to bed. This way you will crawl into a pre-heated sleeping bag!


    This bottle cannot be retuned, unless there is manufacturing fault.


    Purchased bottles can be picked up free of charge at the starting location of the tour, or sent to a Dutch adress with PostNL. The latter option will include addional postage charges.