Swedish Adventures (SE)

Swedish Adventures (SE)

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When Unpack & Kayak was originally set up in 2020, one of the goals was to offer tours in Sweden. After two years of providing unforgettable trips in Maas en Waal, the Netherlands, we've since expanded to Sweden! 


As this is a pilot, we have decided to only offer the tours in July 2022.


The concept, the small and intimate scale, the care, and customer focus that you expect from us (or perhaps you have already experienced with us in the past) will of course remain the same!


These trips are 5 days of kayaking, and 4 nights of camping. If needed, you can usually extend or shorten the trip (if you would like to do this, please contact us via email).


Swedish Adventures starts in Stockholm, Sweden. With every paddle stroke you take, you'll get further away from the city and closer to the untouched Swedish nature. 


Depending on your experience level and intended paddle distance, you can either head westwards (inland), where you'll quickly find yourself on wide-open waters with (un)inhabited islands scattered along. Alternatively, you can head eastwards, towards the Baltic Sea where you can explore the thousands of small islands off the coast of Sweden!


When starting this trip you will also receive a free waterproof bag!


    No need to worry!


    On the day of arrival, kayaking instructions will be given. These instructions will include kayak safety, basic paddle technique, getting out of a kayak if you have flipped over, and securing the storage compartments.


    If desired, a crew member can join in for the first 30 minutes of the tour free of charge. Like this, you can be sure you'll be comfortable for the days to come! 


    Not sure if a near-week of adventure is something you'd enjoy? You can also try out our trips in Maas en Waal, the Netherlands! They have the same concept but are a little closer to home, civilization, facilities, etc. 


    As fun as kayaking is, it is not risk-free. 


    For that reason, Unpack & Kayaks always provides life-vests, free of charge.


    For groups that would prefer to take an additional lifebuoy, one can be requested up to 24 hours before the start of the trip (email: info@unpackandkayak.com, subject: "Lifebuoy". Please include your reference number, name, and group size in the email as well.)


    At the start of every trip, an Unpack & Kayak crew member will give kayaking instructions. See "No Kayak Experience?" for more info about the instructions.


    Although it is expected that each group has a couple of working phones that can be used to contact the base camp, it is also possible to borrow an 'old school brick' phone with enough phone credit to contact the base camp in case of emergency. If you would like to have this option, please let us know at least 48 hours prior to the start of your trip.


    To participate in a trip with Unpack & Kayak it is mandatory that you have health insurance. It is also recommended (but not mandatory) that you have travel insurance. 


    Given the vastness of Swedish nature, you'll be given a Survival Guide (booklet) at the start of your trip. In this Survival Guide, you'll find a lot of additional info about safety on the water and on land. Amonst other things, it will also provide tips and tricks to make a safe campsite while maintaining respect and attention to the Swedish environment. 


    Other than the start and end date, the itinerary is pretty much up to you!


    On the day of your arrival, we'll spend about an hour going through the safety briefing. Here we'll discuss the safety of kayaking, but also things to look out for on land. During this time we'll also provide kayaking instructions and show what the proper technique is.


    After that, we'll help you pack the boats in the most space-efficient way, discuss the map, and review the different suggested paddle routes. From then on you get to paddle at your own speed, to your own destination!


    On your 5th day, you can return anytime between 09:00 and 18:00. Depending on your preferences you can also decide to have a BBQ prepared by the Unpack & Kayak team, so it'll be ready upon your arrival (the BBQ can be requested when you receive your packing list and deposit request a couple of weeks before your trip).


    Thanks to the "allemansrätt" (freedom to roam) you're allowed to wild camp almost everywhere (under certain rules you can find in the Survival Guide). This means that you can find an uninhabited island, pull your boats on land, pitch up your tent and enjoy your private island! 


    Should you prefer to camp at an established campsite there are limited, although available options for this as well. Any additional costs that may arise as a result of your stay at a campsite will not be covered by Unpack & Kayak. 


    In case you would like to have the option to cancel your trip last minute, it is worth it to purchase a cancellation insurance. The cost for this is €45.95 per person and can be purchased by emailing info@unpackandkayak.com (subject: "Cancellation Insurance"). In this case please include your reference number, name, and group size.


    With a cancellation insurance, you can cancel your trip up to 48 hours in advance (latest 10:00 in the morning, two days before your trip was originally supposed to start). If you chose to use your cancelation insurance you will receive a full refund of the trip.


    Regardless of your kayak and nature experience, we recommend going with a group of 4+ people. This is not mandatory, but based on our experience we do recommend it.


    Aside from the ability to switch boats amongst yourselves it also means that if something should happen, you always have enough people in your group to help you out. 


    Everything, except for food, drinks, and transport to and from the starting location.


    This means:

    • Kayaks
    • Paddles
    • Life vests
    • First Aid Kit
    • Tents
    • Sleeping Bags
    • Sleeping Mats
    • Burners (with gas cans)
    • Pots
    • Pans 
    • Dishes
    • Cutlery
    • Water Bag (containing 10L or 20L)
    • (Optional emergency phone)


    For this trip, you will also receive a free waterproof bag!


    If you own camping equipment that you would rather use, feel free to do so. If you do choose to use (some of) your own equipment, please let us know.


    By default, we do not provide food for the trip. That being said, it is possible to order a food pack for your trip. The price of this is around 95,- per person for the 5 days of your trip, depending on your preferences, allergies, and dietary requirements.


    Waterbags filled with water are provided.


    Should you be interested, you can also book a BBQ (prepared by Unpack & Kayak crew members) to be ready for you upon your return from the trip. That way you can enjoy a sizzling meal between your arrival back at the base camp and your departure back home.


    Regardless of whether you purchase a food pack or BBQ for your trip, you will receive a list of tips and ideas for food and snacks (this is included in the packing list), two weeks before heading on your adventure. That way you also have plenty of options and inspiration in case you'd rather bring your own meals and snacks.


    In a recent poll that was done the majority of respondents indicated that their preference was to drive to Sweden themselves or to take a train, bus, or plane.


    For this reason, Unpack & Kayak does not offer a direct bus pick-up service that picks people up in the Netherlands and drops them off in Sweden. 


    Should you drive, we recommend either driving via Germany and Denmark (overland with a couple of bridges). Alternatively, you can drive to Rostock/ Lubeck (northern Germany) and take the ferry across the sea to the south of Sweden.


    From experience, we can recommend an overnight bus journey. Should you have limited time, you can also choose to fly into Arlanda airport and take the Arlanda Express to the center of Stockholm where our base camp is located!


    We ask for a *group deposit of €100.- per person. This deposit will be returned within 10 working days of the end of the trip, granted that nothing has been damaged or lost.

    A group deposit means that if one of the group members on your trip loses or breaks something worth more than €100.-, other deposits may be used to compensate for that amount.


    We will contact you about the deposit after booking.


    The duration of the trip itself is 5 days (excluding travel to Sweden).


    This pilot will be available for the whole month of July. Because we know that some customers have a hard time taking an entire pre-determined week off work, you can contact us to let us know what works best for you. We'll do our best to accommodate your availability and plan a week that fits. This means that you can book your trip to start on any given day during the week (it doesn't have to start on the weekend).


    The duration of your actual kayaking adventure is 5 days and 4 nights. As indicated above (in the 'dates' section), it's up to you to let us know what works best for you. Then we'll accommodate your wishes.


    Should you prefer to shorten or extend the duration of your trip you can let us know through one of our contact portals.


    The trips will start in the center of Stockholm, Sweden. Depending on your preferences, experience and intended paddle distance you can either head westward (inland) or eastwards (towards the baltic sea).


    The exact location of the basecamp will be communicated in the packing list email (which you will receive approximately two weeks prior to the start of your trip).