The Maas en Waal Paddle (NL)

The Maas en Waal Paddle (NL)

€69.95 Regular Price
€64.95Sale Price

The Maas en Waal Paddle is a great option for families and friend groups who want to have a one-day outing on the water, with a sizzling hot BBQ for lunch!


The price includes the kayak and paddle rental, life vests, kayaking instruction, BBQ delivery and pick up, and a "small meal". 


A minimum of 4 participants is needed to book this trip.


    No need to worry!


    On the day of arrival, kayaking instructions will be given. These instructions will include kayak safety, basic paddle technique, getting out of a kayak if you have flipped over, and securing the storage compartments.


    If desired, a crew member can join in for the first 30 minutes of the tour free of charge. Like this, you can be sure that you will be comfortable for the day to come! 


    As fun as kayaking is, it is not risk-free. 


    For that reason, Unpack & Kayaks always provides life-vests, free of charge.


    For groups that would prefer to take an additional lifebuoy, one can be requested up to 24 hours before the start of the trip (email:, subject: "Lifebuoy". Please include your reference number, name, and group size in the email as well.)


    At the start of every trip, an Unpack & Kayak crew member will give kayaking instructions. See "No Kayak Experience?" for more info about the instructions.


    To participate in a trip with Unpack & Kayak it is mandatory that you have a health insurance. It is also recommended (but not mandatory) that you have a travel insurance. 


    Arrival time in Maasbommel is anywhere between 08:00 and 11:30. Your return must be before 21:30. 


    We have two types of kayaks available: single-person sea/ touring kayaks, or a two-person touring kayak. We also have 2-3 person canoes, which are ideal if young children are joining or if you don't have much experience on the water.


    Both kayaks have multiple waterproof storage compartments, and the canoes come with a large waterproof container.


    If you don't have much kayak experience, or you have a child taking part, we recommend that you go for the two-person kayak or a canoe. These are wider (more stable), and allow for the combined energy of multiple people to be put into kayaking/ canoeing.


    This one-day outing includes the kayak and paddle rental, life vests, kayaking instructions, and a BBQ delivery with a standard small meal (which is a sufficient size for lunch).


    The village of Maasbommel (the starting location of the trip) is easily accesible by car... if you have one.


    If you don't happen to have access to a car it becomes a bit more tricky, but that shouldn't be a problem. Send an email to, and we will find a way to have you picked up from the closest bus station (about 9km away from Maasbommel).

  • BBQ

    The standard menu included is a "small meal" (see menu section for size indication). You can decide to increase this to a medium or large, in which case the difference in price will be added to the total price.


    We ask a *group deposit of €75.- per person. This deposit will be returned within 48 hours after the end of the trip, if nothing has been damaged or lost.

    A group deposit means that if one of the group members on your trip loses or breaks something worth more than €75.-, other deposits may be used to compensate for that amount.


    We will contact you about the deposit after booking.


    While kayaking in the rain is surprisingly calming, some groups prefer the certainty of sunshine and warmth throughout their day on the water.


    For this reason you can decide to purchase a bad-weather insurance for €7.95 per person. This will allow you to move your trip to a later available date when the weather forecast is better. This change can be made a minimum of 24 hours before the start of the trip. 


    To purchase a bad weather insurance, please email, with the subject line "Bad Weather Insurance, One Day Paddle". We ask that you include your booking reference, name, and group size in the email.


    Note: This is not a cancellation insurance. For that option please see the section "Cancellation Insurance".


    In case you would like to have the option to cancel your trip last minute it is worth it to purchase a cancellation insurance. The cost for this is €9.95 per person, and can be purchased by emailing (subject: "Cancellation Insurance"). In this case please include your reference number, name, and group size.


    If you would rather have the option to move (but not cancel) your trip, the "Bad Weather Insurance" might be a better option for you.


    Interested in booking this trip but don't see your preferred date as an option when checking it out? Send us an email at and we'll see what we can do to accomodate your needs.