The Maas en Waal Tour (NL)

The Maas en Waal Tour (NL)

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The Maas en Waal tour is a great option for families and friend groups who want to relax for a couple of days and experience the Dutch countryside from the water. Between kayaking at your own speed and not having a set itinerary, this option offers the ultimate combination of movement and relaxation. Upon arrival, we will suggest different routes depending on your experience and preferred distance. The shortest option is a quick paddle in the area around the campsite. The longest option is a 24km day trip that takes approximately 6-8 hours (including some breaks).


The trip is generally three days and two nights, but can it can (usually) be extended by a couple of days if desired. If needed, it can also be shortened to two days, one night.


With the end of the season closing in we're having an end-of-season sale. This means that every participant will receive one free waterproof bag (worth €14,95) if they book in September. If you book your trip with two people you will each receive €10,- discount, with three people all participants will receive €20,- discount, and with four or more participants everyone will receive €30,- discount. If your group orders a BBQ delivery you'll also receive a free batch of wood for a bonfire.


    No need to worry!


    On the day of arrival, kayaking instructions will be given. These instructions will include kayak safety, basic paddle technique, getting out of a kayak if you have flipped over, and securing the storage compartments.


    If desired, a crew member can join in for the first 30 minutes of the tour free of charge. Like this you can be sure you'll be comfortable for the days to come! 


    As fun as kayaking is, it is not risk-free. 


    For that reason, Unpack & Kayaks always provides life-vests, free of charge.


    For groups that would prefer to take an additional lifebuoy, one can be requested up to 24 hours before the start of the trip (email:, subject: "Lifebuoy". Please include your reference number, name, and group size in the email as well.)


    At the start of every trip, an Unpack & Kayak crew member will give kayaking instructions. See "No Kayak Experience?" for more info about the instructions.


    Although it is expected that each group has a couple working phones that can be used to contact the base camp, it is possible to borrow an 'old school brick' phone with enough phone credit to contact the base camp in case of emergency. If you would like to have this option, please let us know at least 48 hours prior to the start of your trip.


    To participate in a trip with Unpack & Kayak it is mandatory that you have a health insurance. It is also recommended (but not mandatory) that you have a travel insurance. 


    Other than the start and end time and date, the itinerary is pretty much up to you!


    On the first day of the trip you are expected to arrive at the starting location between 10:00 and 13:00. We will spend 20 - 60 minutes packing the kayaks and sealing the waterproof compartments. After that, kayaking instructions will be given, and you will get a map of the region. From then on you are free to paddle at your own speed, to your own destination!


    If you would like, you can opt for an Unpack & Kayak crew member to join you for the first 30 minutes of the tour.


    You are expected to return on the third day between 11:00 and 18:00. Since different people kayak at different speeds, we ask that you send a message 2 hours (and ideally another one 30 minutes) prior to arrival.


    In the region of Maas en Waal there is an abundance of camping options. 


    Unpack & Kayak covers the costs of your stay at our partnered camping, for both nights. This campsite is perfectly located by the water. It has showers, toilets, and a large sink.


    Should you prefer to camp at a different camping than the one we provide for you, you are free to do so at your own expense.


    In case you would like to have the option to cancel your trip last minute it is worth it to purchase a cancellation insurance. The cost for this is €29.95 per person, and can be purchased by emailing (subject: "Cancellation Insurance"). In this case please include your reference number, name, and group size.


    If you would rather have the option to move (but not cancel) your trip, the "Bad Weather Insurance" might be a better option for you.


    We have two types of kayaks available: single-person sea/ touring kayaks, or a two-person touring kayak. We also have 2-3 person canoes, which are ideal if young children are joining or if you don't have much experience on the water.


    Both kayaks have multiple waterproof storage compartments, and the canoes come with two large waterproof containers.


    If you don't have much kayak experience, or you have a child taking part, we recommend that you go for the two-person kayak or a canoe. These are wider (more stable), and allow for the combined energy of multiple people to be put into kayaking/ canoeing.


    *After you book, we will send a follow-up email regarding your preference for the type of boat that you'll be using. More often than not you can choose which vessel you would like to use, but sometimes (particularly during public holidays) there is a limited choice in vessel options because of other bookings. If you would like the certainty of having a specific type of boat for your trip, we recommend you send us an email regarding the availability, prior to booking.


    Everything, except for food, drinks, and transport to and from the starting location.


    This means:

    • Kayaks
    • Paddles
    • Life vests
    • First Aid Kit
    • Tents
    • Sleeping Bags
    • Sleeping Mats
    • Camping Chairs
    • Burners (with gas cans)
    • Pots
    • Pans 
    • Dishes
    • Cutlery
    • Water Bag (containing 10L)
    • Camping Permit
    • (Optional emergency phone)


    Don't want to take your own food and drinks?

    Waterbags with water are provided. Food is not, although there is an option to have a BBQ (with fire starters, coals, food, & grilling equipment) hand delivered to your camping location. For more information about this see the section "Menu" at the very top of the page. 


    The village of Maasbommel (the starting location of the trip) is easily accesible by car... if you have one.


    If you don't happen to have access to a car it becomes a bit more tricky, but that shouldn't be a problem. Send an email to, and we will find a way to have you picked up from the closest bus station (about 9km away from Maasbommel).


    We ask a *group deposit of €100.- per person. This deposit will be returned within 10 days of the end of the trip, granted that nothing has been damaged or lost.

    A group deposit means that if one of the group members on your trip loses or breaks something worth more than €100.-, other deposits may be used to compensate for that amount.


    We will contact you about the deposit after booking.


    While kayaking in the rain is surprisingly calming, some groups prefer the certainty of sunshine and warmth throughout their trip.


    For this reason you can decide to purchase a bad-weather insurance for €9.95 per person. This will allow you to move your trip to a later available date when the weather forecast is better. This change can be made a minimum of 24 hours before the start of the trip. 


    To purchase a bad weather insurance, please select it from the drop-down menu, or email, with the subject line "Bad Weather Insurance". We ask that you include your booking reference, name, and group size in the email.


    Note: This is not a cancellation insurance. For that option please see the section "Cancellation Insurance".


    Interested in booking this trip but don't see your preferred date as an option when checking it out? Send us an email at and we'll see what we can do to accomodate your needs.